Customer Reviews and Feedback

This week, Robin Walker from Green Robin Solutions returns to help us all make sense of customer reviews, feedback and why 5* are rubbish!

Robin turns your 1-8* reviews into 9 and 10* reviews.
Hosting a website at WESH UK also seems to make customers want to write 9 and 10* reviews 🙂

Robin said about his appearance on this weeks show:

For businesses customers are the life blood, without them engaging with a business it will soon fail. However, the relationship with the client doesn’t have to end at the exchange of goods or services and cash.

Customer reviews have become big business and in this WESH UK Live Show, Richard and I discussed customer reviews the pitfalls of some service providers and how asking the right questions from your customers can improve their engagement with your business and enable you to make better decisions based on robust feedback.

I will also be sharing a conspiracy theory with you on paid review platforms.

You can find out more about how Robin Walker can help your business acheive consistency by visiting his website Green Robin Solutions